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How To Use Kelp Meal for Chilli Plants

How to use kelp meal for chilli plants

What is Kelp Meal exactly?

Kelp Meal is an exceptional organic fertiliser and a natural source of over 60 essential minerals which makes it one of the best organic amendments available. With a negligible NPK (Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K)) level of 1-0.2-2 it can safely be used as a primary source of trace minerals. Kelp meal is also quick release so it is perfect for establishing seedlings and can be applied in both granular or liquid form.

Kelp Meal is derived from dried Kelp seaweed that is responsibly harvested off the beaches in the regular clean-up operations and the oceans thus leaving the sea creatures undisturbed.

How to use it.

A little goes a long way and in a granular from 1/2 cup (125ml) of Kelp Meal is enough to amend 20L of soil mix. Use a hand-spade to make four holes around the plant. Dig down the length of the spade, about 10-15cm away from the stem, and equally split the Kelp Meal into the holes. Close up the holes and water your plant.

You can also make a Kelp Meal tea by mixing 1 cup into 5L of water and letting it soak for 2 days remembering to give it a good mix several times a day. Kelp Tea can be used as soil drench or a foliar feed once a week. Remember do it early morning before the sun makes its fiery presence know or you can do it at sundown.

Why it is important for your chilli plants.

Kelp Meal activates the microbes in the soil which assists in the breaking down of the organic matter making it easier for your chilli plants to use, leading to a healthier crop yield and a healthier plant.

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Article written by Tony Lague