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Starting Chilli Pepper Seeds

starting chilli pepper seeds

One can start pepper seeds at any time during the year regardless if it’s winter or not as long as you have sufficient warmth and lighting to keep the seedlings growing.

The methods of germination I use are for seeds you have limited stock of, those rarer and more exotic varieties.

Step 1 – Soaking Seeds

  • I like to soak my seeds in a chamomile tea solution of LUKE-WARM water mixed with some black tea.
  • Let the seeds soak in a container with the solution 8 – 12 hours.

Step 2 – Germination Mediums

  • I use expanded Coco Coir mixed with 1/3 perlite.
  • I also use jiffy 7c pellets, which work very well, let the disks soak up warm tap water until fully expanded.

Step 3 – Sowing Seeds

  • Strain the seeds from the tea solution, make a hole no deeper than 10mm in each jiffy pellet or in the germination medium to place the seed into.
  • Once the seeds are in gently cover them up and lightly spray with some tap water over the holes where planted.

Step 4 – Humidity Box

A humidity box allows the temperature to be maintained inside the box which creates a perfect warm environment for the seeds to germinate.

  • Any small plastic containers with lids eg: ice cream container, Tupperware, margarine container.
  • Place the germination medium (coco coir &perlite) straight into the container, water lightly and close up.
  • Jiffy pellets place into the container and close up, then place the container in a warm spot eg: on top of the fridge, on a UPS inverter, windowsill or a heat mat etc for a few days

This method generally takes between 5 – 10 days for germination and has excellent results.

Once seeds have sprouted be sure to get them into the sunlight or great quality light to ensure optimal growth.

Happy growing Chilli fans!!

Article written by Royce McCain