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Vice Chilli Products Now Available

Vice Chilli Products Now Available

We proudly announce Vice Chilli as another product partner at Please support this amazing brand and their products – you will not regret adding their sauces to your collection!

We welcome Vice Chilli to our pepper family as part of our “Support Small Businesses” initiative! Three tasty Vice Chilli sauces are now available on the website for purchase. Spread the word and let us support them! We look forward to adding even more products in the near future.

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Vice Chilli Original Hot Sauce
Vice Chilli Original Hot Sauce with Carolina Reaper
Vice Chilli The Count Hot Sauce

Their Story

At Vice Chilli, we’re so obsessed with chillies, you could say they’re our VICE!

Our mission is clear – to be true to the chillies and create products that are all about spicy flavour and freshness. We use natural ingredients and craft each recipe to create products that are hot, bold, flavourful and unlike anything else.

We love super hots and we use them in some of our sauces. We’re fixated on their wicked looks, unique flavours and the way their crazy heat sneaks up on you. It hurts, but we love it!

To keep things simple we rate all our sauces out of 10. We don’t do 12/10 or 15/10 because that just doesn’t add up. If we rate it 5/10, it is going to be hot. An 8/10 is going to be one of our hottest and 10/10 is going to be extreme.

Occasionally we will release a 10+ collectors edition and these rare sauces are to be approached with caution. You have been warned!

Vice Chilli – possibly habit-forming hot chilli products

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