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Peppadogs Partner Hub makes selling your chilli-based products online easier than ever before. Simply apply to become a Peppadogs Partner and reach chilli-heads across South Africa while getting exposure for your products and brand.

Why partner with us? We sell products we know will make our customers happy. Our customers all look for the same thing, excellent products. As the demand for new products increases, we alone cannot meet these expectations and that is why our focussed partnership with small chilli businesses is so important.

You may be a family-run business, or just a chilli fan supplying your local community – if you are committed to product excellence, we want to hear from you!

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If you make chilli based products that are locally produced in small batches, are all natural, no preservatives added or extracts used, then you are a possible good fit. You must be able to ensure product quality and be able to provide consignment stock.

The first part of the approval process is to submit the partner application form and then send us a product sample to taste.  We would want to know the ingredients of products, some background about your small business, and where you sell currently.

We look for uniqueness, complexity and amazing taste, not just burn. Our expert tasters will review your products in depth and assess your flavour profiles.

Secondly, we will look at the quality of your product design, packaging and if it adheres to the South African labelling requirements.

Once approved, the registration process will commence.

Yes, your product needs to follow the South African Labelling Requirements. If you need assistance with design and printing of labels, contact our brand development team on branding@peppadogs.com for assistance.

In terms of the Product Labeling Regulations for Foodstuffs, the following is prescribed as the mandatory information on labels or packaging:

  • The name and address of the manufacturer, importer or distributor.
  • Instructions for use.
  • Net contents.
  • Country of origin.
  • Batch identification.
  • ‘Use By’ date.
  • Ingredients, which are to be listed in order of descending mass.
  • Identification of all known allergens contained in the products (i.e. nuts, shellfish, etc.) – these should be listed in brackets.
  • Do not include nutritional information unless a Nutrient Analysis has been carried out by a SANAS approved lab.

Our partners need to supply products in courier ready packaging. Consignment stock must be individually package and/or wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a box to Peppadogs.

If you have difficulties obtaining packaging material during the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact us to make arrangements.

Partners need to send us 24-25 units of each registered product. One unit, per shipment will randomly be selected by Peppadogs for quality control. Impurities and contamination prevention is the partner’s responsibility.

Consignment stock will be held for a minimum period of 3 months, or half the shelf life period, which ever option is the longest.  Thereafter we will discuss with the relevant partner, to initiate possible product promotions on the website for any of the remaining stock (at no charge to the partner).

Yes, you need a Certificate of Acceptability when if you intend to manufacture, store, distribute, prepare, transport or sell any kind of foodstuff intended for public consumption. The certificate must be in the name of the owner of the business, or the premises on which the business is being conducted.

Step 1: Download and complete the Certificate of Acceptability application form from your local / closest Environmental Health Office (click here for the Cape Town offices contact list).

Typically you will need to provide the following along with your application: Original ID; or in the case of a proxy, their ID and a letter of authorisation.

Step 2: Once your application has been submitted and approved, you will be issued with a Certificate of Acceptability.

There is no fee to register or submit products. The only cost you will incur as part of the approval process, is to courier your samples to us.

Yes, we have an Essential Services Certificate (view it here), and have taken great measures to continue to provide goods. We are following recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to help protect our customers and our team.

We have taken a variety of actions internally, including:

  • Educating team members on how to keep the workplace clean
  • Ensure good hygiene practices, including frequent hand-washing
  • Sanitizing our delivery equipment with wipes regularly
  • Team members monitor their daily health
  • Any team member who reports flu-like symptoms will be asked to stay home
  • Our restrooms are stocked with lotion cleaner for hand washing

For the health of all, we require our partners to follow strict health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  All products need to be sanitised during production, packaging and shipping. All production environments need to be cleaned frequently and members need to wear gloves and masks at all times.

Any team member within a partner’s organisation that displays flu-like symptoms will be asked to seek medical attention and to inform Peppadogs immediately. The supply of consignment stock will be temporarily suspended, and if tested positive for COVID-19 all of your products may be returned.

Failing to adhere to proper health and safety measures may result in your Peppadogs Partner Hub registration being revoked.

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Complete the below application form and attach your Certificate of Acceptability. Send samples of your products to the provided address details.

Partner Hub 3


We will review your application and taste your product/s. We then will assess whether it fits with our quality standards and if it fills an identified gap.

Partner Hub 4


Provide us with all the required paperwork which covers general conditions, discount terms, warranties, indemnities, guarantees and so on.

Partner Hub 5


Supply us with consignment stock, product pricing, high quality photos and detailed information so we can add the items on the online store.

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Daily order receipts will be emailed, so that you can keep track of sales. A global payment is made directly to you at the end of each month.

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